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  Forget Harold Shipman (Manchester), Ian Huntley (Soham) or Raoul Moat (Newcastle);
  Whitley (Wigan) were the perpetrators of a more serious criminal act. A game dominated
  by Cosmos resulted in a Whitley win with the referee playing the accessory role very

  It was always going to be a battle against an enthusiastic Whitley side but Cosmos
  looked assured, solid and up to the task. On another day it could have been 3 or 4 nil
  but a key 10 minute period in the 2nd half was were the game was decided. Following
  great wing play from Cal and a drive into the box a penalty was awarded. He picked the ball up and coolly tucked it away in the right hand corner but we had a referee who had been watching too much of Hansen, Dixon, Lineker and co as he inexplicably ordered a retake for encroachment. The next 10 minutes of the game I can’t remember (you owe me one CAL, yes that’s you CAL!). With ten minutes to go Whitley made it 2 after the excellent Pendlebury made a rare mistake by leaving his man. There was still time for Dave to force a save out of Whitley keeper but I guess it was just one of those days. The big positive is the fact Bristow didn’t have to make a save as the defence, well marshalled by OLeary and with a hung-over Tempest playing like Mr Teetotal and Pendlebury like Cannavaro (2006) also chipping in were eminently solid. Another plus was the 2nd half performance of a new look midfield three who seemed to be able to cut open Whitley at will.

Again I reiterate – just one of those days!

MOM – Pendlebury

Opposition MOM - Fishwick

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