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  We are delighted to annouce the launch of Cosmos Cardio........

Cosmos Cardio is a men’s health scheme for over 25's run by Wigan Cosmos
Football Club, it could be the perfect way for you to get fit and active for
the Summer and help you towards regaining that beach body or at least lose
some lbs towards it!!!

In Wigan we face some of the biggest health challenges in the country,
through poor diet, lack of exercise, alcohol and smoking, we are
trying to help address and tackle some of these issues through Cosmos

We are offering a 12 week sports and fitness programme that gives men
over the age of 25 the opportunity to take part in weekly football and
sports sessions, offering simple advice on how to lead a healthier lifestyle.

We aim to provide support and encouragement to participants to help
achieve their own lifestyle goals.

Whether it is to improve your own general health, well being and fitness,
complete a lifestyle change, get back into sport, get fit to complete your goals,
to run a marathon or to simply get fit, enjoy playing sports and make new friends along the way!

The sessions are two hours long but you may wish to participate in one of the hours, with prices £3.00 per hour or £5 for two hours with hour one focussed on fitness and games and hour two foussed on fitness and sport with a number of sessions including health education and workshops.

On completion of the course you will recieve a Cosmos Cardio training shirt.

If you would like more Information about the Cosmos Cardio programme or other health initiatives please contact John Pendlebury on 07921 618142 via or by emailing

If you would like to pay upfront for the week or for the entire programme, you may do so here, via our PayPal account, please retain reciept for proof of purchase.