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    By Adam Pendlebury

  Well after 10 weeks without a game The Cosmos were finally back in action with a
  game against the side anchored to the bottom of the league.
  I don’t know if it was the post-Xmas blues or the abundance of broken hearts in the
  team or whatever it was, the performance wasn’t up to much. Despite having the
  majority of possession and looking solid at the back there was no real tempo to The
  Cosmos play. Only Kieran looked remotely like his usual self in a lackadaisical effort.

  Throughout the game I do not recall David Felgate’s larger brother making any real
  saves with attacks breaking down in and around the box. When crosses did arrive they were generally provided by strikers which limited the potential recipients in the box. In the end only Mr OG stood up to be counted for The Cosmos when he scored a late consolation by then The Cosmos had conceded two soft goals.

Positives from the game were Chris Curran getting through the match without a caution and only losing 38 match balls!

Big 3 weeks ahead with key League games and a Cup Quarter Final game bigger than the Arsenal v Barcelona one.

Website MOM Kiki Dee

Opposition MOM - Paul Vandenberg

Next game is Cosmos Vs Golborne Rangers Sun 6th Feb @ Edge Green Street 2.30 KO


1. Bristow
2. Jones
3. A Pendlebury
4. Curran
5. OLeary
6. Tempest
7. Vandenberg
8. Gough
9. Eccles
10. Doherty*
11. Fishwick


12. Evans*
14. Black
15. Masterson
16. Miller
17. Needham