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    • 1. Mar 22 2013 9:01PM by tomcook

      just seen the report in the Mag about the problems caused by NUFC fans last week. I'm a life long Toon fan (exiled in South Wales) and was disgusted by what I read. People like that do not represent us Geordies. Sent my donation of £20 immediately. Good luck and don't hold it against us.

    • 2. Mar 23 2013 11:11AM by Mick Bussey

      Thoroughly ashamed of the scumbags that brought shame on our club and damaged the reputation of the Toon Army. I apologise on behalf of the many, many thousands of NUFC fans who feel the same as me. I know it is not a lot but I have donated a tenner to help towards the cost of replacement. Please do not think these idiots represent the vast majority of our fans

      Mick Bussey

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